Are you considering a synthetic wig? Everyone wants to look attractive and confident. A high-quality, gorgeous synthetic wig can be a great option to boost your charm and confidence.

Our synthetic Wigs offer an extensive range of styles, different from color, length, and texture. Therefore It’s important to choose a wig that works best for you.

Here are five simple but important things you need to know before buying a synthetic wig.

1. Benefits and limitations of synthetic wigs

Synthetic wigs, similar to their natural counterparts, are made from synthetic materials through special production process. They are convenient and ready to wear as they are pre-styled in shape. Thanks to their low cost and maintenance, they are also more affordable than human wigs. Furthermore, they can be serviced to extend life and restore condition.

It’s worth noting that synthetic fibers are more fragile than human hair or human hair mixes and extra caution should be taken while using heat.

2. Think carefully about hairstyle

Choose a normal style? Or take a risk and change up your look?

If you are a wig beginner, we recommend that you choose the style close to your current hairstyle, also choose a wig that has a root color similar to your own. Otherwise, we will encourage you to break out of your routine and try different styles that you think might suit you or something you have always wanted to try. Take it easy and have fun with your perfect synthetic wigs.

3. Choose a right color wig

The best advantage of wearing a wig is that you can try something different without chemical damage and also change color as often as you change your mind.

It’s best to choose a wig color that flatters you skin tone. We recommend that you should have at least one wig that's close to your natural hair color. If you want to make a fashion statement, many wigs come in ombre colors or pastels.

4. Think about the length

Wigs of different length have diverse characteristics. When you are considering a wig, be sure to choose the length that suits you.

It is also worth noting that with synthetic fibers not having the natural oils that come from your scalp, the longer they are the easier they will tangle, so always keep a brush or comb handy.

5. Choose a wig suit for your lifestyle

Your lifestyle should be taken into account before buying a wig. For example,how much time are you willing to spend on your hair? If you are going to be in outside elements all day ect.

Human Hair Blends:

In our book human hair blends are the best of both worlds!

Human hair wigs are adored for their natural movement, and you can expect a similar natural movement from your blended wig! Enjoy richly colored synthetic colors with the natural swing of real hair in one neat package.

Human hair blends are significantly lighter than a full human hair wig! If you want a human hair look without the weight, blends are definitely the way to go.

A huge perk of synthetic wigs is that they hold their style, wash after wash, wear after wear. Due to the synthetic portion of a blended wig, the blends are also able to keep their style much longer than a full human hair wig.

Generally synthetic wigs are less expensive than human hair wigs, so when it comes to a blend, you will pay a little bit more than a synthetic, but less than a full human hair wig. All the while taking advantage of all the characteristics of 100% human hair wigs without the hefty price tag!

100% Human Hair Wigs:

100% human hair wigs can be styled the same as you would your own natural growing hair. The hair can be straightened, curled, and if desired, trimmed, though you will want to remember the hair doesn’t grow back. Most high end synthetic,as well as human hair blends can also accommodate all of those options, but where human hair wigs take the cake is that they can also be color treated as your own hair!

If you are looking to choose a wig, this is some important information to know as human hair wigs will appear more natural.

Another bonus for human hair wigs is that they can last up to five years with proper care. Synthetic wigs normally need to be replaced yearly. For this reason alone, human hair wigs are considered to be a much longer-term investment.

We have wigs for every lifestyle + every budget so have fun with it but make sure you choose one that is right for you!

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