Who Are We & Why Are We Different?

Candid Life Boutique was curated by a stay at home mom of three girls, who has been a leader with a couple Network Marketing companies, as well as a successful boutique owner for the past ten years. 

After finding success in the Network Marketing industry, she decided that the industry was missing something, and it was her mission to fill that void. 

You see, MLM/Network Marketing companies are built on the basis of recruiting and selling highly consumable products (that they may or may not need). In turn the distributors, make the majority of their commissions on growing massive teams, who are purchasing a monthly quota in these products (that they may or may not use/need). Yes, they may gain new customers on their network growing journey, who decide to just stay customers. However, their main goal is to recruit the masses so they can make an income/commission on their teams' monthly purchases. 

In most cases there are complex compensation plans (legs, tiers, charting) involved, and as mentioned above, monthly quotas to be met before they can even get paid for the month or to "unlock" certain tiers of their comp plan or bonuses. This is very desirable by many, and there is a lot of money to be made in the MLM industry.

Our program was meant to run along side any other business that our affiliates' choose to do. 

Heidi, the founder of CLB, learned a lot over the years and took what she loved, and threw out what she hated about the industry and created something magical! 

Candid Life is an affiliate program, designed to empower others to share something that they love (on their terms) and in turn get paid a commission that is higher than the industry standard. 

It's as simple as that! 

We do not focus on consumable products to ensure that our affiliates come back month after month. We simply offer things that they love (YES, our Stylists have a voice here!), adding new items to our website weekly.

There are no weird tiers, legs, or charting. You do have the option to get paid on a downline, but not in the typical MLM style. You will not get paid more by choosing the Elite or the Influencer option. Your customers/followers will simply have the option to also become an affiliate/Stylist from your replicated website, if you choose the Elite Stylist option. You will in turn get paid a small commission on anyone who chooses to do that.

Unlike MLM's there is no investment to become an affiliate with CLB. 

There is no stock requirements - EVER. 

The goal here is for you to make money, and only spend money if you choose. 

We are so glad that our paths crossed, and we are so excited to lock arms with you and support you in anyway that you need us to! 


CLB Tribe 


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